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John Lorio

About John

John is the law firm’s Research Analyst. 

John spent the first half of his adult life in academia, where, as an Adjunct Professor, he devoted his time to research, analysis, the writing of very long essays, and the teaching of students who often didn’t always share his obsession with research and writing.  After ten years in a classroom, John fled to the comparative tranquility of Reference librarianship, where he was able to further develop and use those skills to help students, faculty members, independent scholars, and a slew of others who were loath to do the hard work of writing papers.  Eventually, John found employers who would pay him to undertake research, analysis, and the writing of very long reports (so they wouldn’t have to), and so began a post-academic career in Contractual and Regulatory Compliance (with related side forays into Fraud Analysis and Public Policy).

While John liked the research and analysis components of his corporate jobs, he missed one aspect of teaching—the challenge of working directly with and helping others.  At Rain Minns Law Firm, John enjoys using the analytical skills he honed in the corporate world and his talent for collaborating with others to solve problems and achieve shared goals.  He is pleased to join a law firm that gives him an opportunity to make an immediate contribution to the team and its mission.

John lives in Austin where he spends his time reading, writing, watching movies and anime, and listening to music.  His other interests include cooking, architecture, and supporting a mediocre Japanese football team.